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Comedy Night with Rajiv Satyal on Friday, September 27th
Friday, September 27-2019 To Saturday, September 28-2019 (07:00 PM to 10:30 PM)

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Back by popular demand, the ICC presents the Comedy Night with RAJIV SATYAL - "The Man in the Middle" on Friday, September 27th 2019. 

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Born in the red state of Ohio and living in a blue state of California, Comedian Rajiv Satyal thinks his little show may be just what we need to save the empire.
Rajiv Satyal assembles a new one-person show every few years.  In 2013, he tackled Dating in No Man's Land.  In 2017, he took on Music in Taking a Stand.  And now, in 2019, he has set his sights on Politics, where he's trying to make sense of where we are and what it all means.  It's called The Man in The Middle.  Like all of his shows, it's funny, insightful, and clean.  Rajiv doesn't try to hide the fact that the agenda is to oust Donald Trump from office.  That said, when he performed in his hometown of Cincinnati, where probably half of the audience consisted of Trump Voters, he got a standing ovation.  Rajiv has done his best truly to play it up the middle.  To help him finalize the script, Rajiv hired Pat Hazell, who wrote on Seinfeld, so there's no doubt that the show is well-put-together.  Pat said something very insightful:  "The show isn't about Trump; it's about you.  People don't want to come to a show and watch somebody rant about somebody else.  He isn't in the room; you are."  So, the show is Rajiv's personal journey of how he's dealing with how his Dad voted for Trump.  (True story.) 

Here's a 38-sec clip from the sold-out debut show in LA, a review from Chicago, and feedback from attendees:

"Great job! Very insightful and funny stuff." - Justin
"I think she just didn’t know exactly what to expect and was a little nervous about how her friends would like it bc politics. But she said right away everyone was laughing and she knew it was going to be ok. Said everyone liked it and they loved the 80s/90s references." - Catherine 
"Hey, that was an awesome show! You nailed the delivery. It was funny, insightful, and provocative. You obviously spent a lot of time researching and preparing and it showed." - Steve 
"This is your thing. Put all of your energy into this show. I've never seen you be more authentically you.  THIS is your truth.  Also —  you totally feel and look like Indian Larry David thing up there." - Samia 
"What a wonderful show and fantastic performance! Super duper impressed!" - Justin (another one)

Rajiv Satyal is a Los Angeles-based comedian/host.  His TV-clean act has made him one of the most versatile comedians working today. 

Rajiv had an unusual entry into standup, doing his act for then-World No. 1 tennis player Pete Sampras in a locker room.  Satyal has some interesting claims to fame:  he opened for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in front of 17,000 people.  He made the massively viralI AM INDIAN video, which has been seen over 50 million times, shared by Bollywood stars, and used to introduce the Indian Prime Minister in Shanghai and Dubai.  He has opened for Russell Peters more than any other Indian comedian.  Rajiv has opened for Dave Chappelle five times, and even opened Chappelle’s very first show after his much-publicized African hiatus.  And one night in New York City, Satyal closed the show at Gotham Comedy Club, following one of his heroes, Jerry Seinfeld.

Satyal performs weekly at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood.  He has 12 videos with over 100,000 YouTube views each, and been featured on/in Amazon, NBC, NPR, Nickelodeon, Netflix, GQ, Bob & Tom, Times Now, Fx, Zee TV, Spotify, PandoraThe New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, Variety, Advertising Age, The Times of India, The Huffington Post, and The LA Times.

Rajiv has performed on five continents.  He co-created the world-touring Make Chai Not War, a Hindu/Muslim stand-up show.  The U.S. State Dept. sponsored it, sending it to seven cities in India.  The show became part of the Congressional Record after being mentioned on Capitol Hill to Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

Rajiv wrote No Man’s Land, a 100-minute one-person show about his dating life that sold out all performances from LA to NY to San Francisco to Cincinnati.  This show actually led to Satyal’s marriage, which itself had a comedic arc:  Rajiv proposed to his girlfriend while opening for Kevin Nealon, and at his wedding, Russell Peters finally opened for him.

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