About ICC

Indian Cultural Center is a project of Indian Temple Association Cultural Center (ITA-CC). This project was started in 1980's when the leaders of ITA sought a bigger and better place to complement Cultural activities of Indian Community in Delaware Valley. ITA Cultural Center (ITA-CC) was officially formed in 1998 when a site in Berlin was being sought for the center. Since then various sites were considered until 2001 when current site received zoning board approval from Eve sham Township. In January 2008 ICC received final approval from Eve sham Township Planning Board. Ground Breaking ceremony took place on October 3, 2009.

ICC completed construction and opened on December 15th 2013. Grand opening ceremony was held on Saturday, April 12th and Sunday, April 13th 2014


Executive Committee
President Dr. Manu Dadhania   Amrita Desai
Vice President Jayesh Parikh   Ashvin Patel
Secretary Dr. Rakesh Gupta Members Gurbachan Sethi
Treasurer Naresh Talati   Rina Patel
      Mahavir Chudasama
Legal Counsel - Swati Kothari, Esq.
Construction Contributors and Committee
Ashvin Patel Chairman & Site Engineer   Gurbahan Sethi
Jagdish Shah Engineer & Construction Supervisor Construction Romi Malik
Narendra Amin Structural Engineer & Architect Committee Subhash Rashatwar
Divyakant Parikh Construction Manager Members  
Board of Directors
Title Name
Chairperson Mr Sailesh Chowdhury
President Dr Manu Dadhania
Vice President Mr Jayesh Parikh
Secretary Dr Rakesh Gupta
Treasurer Mr Naresh Talati
Exec. Comm. Member Mr Ashvin Patel
Exec. Comm. Member Mr Gurbachan Sethi
Exec. Comm. Member Mr Mahavir Chudasama
Exec. Comm. Member Mrs Amrita Desai
Exec. Comm. Member Mrs Rina Patel
Member Dr Amrit Nayar
Member Dr Dhiraj Panda
Member Dr Prahlad Patel
Member Dr Rajinder Chugh
Member Dr Ravi Goel
Member Mr Arun Maheswari
Member Mr Harshad Mehta
Member Mr Indranil Sardar
Member Mr Natubhai Desai
Member Mr Om Machhar
Member Mr Paritosh Chakrabarti
Member Mr Parth Chauhan
Member Mr Samir Patel
Member Mr Sidhartha Ghosh
Member Mrs Rup Chakravarty
Member Mrs Sangeeta Rashatwar
Representative - ITA Mr Lalit Patel
Representative - BCS Mr Sandeep Dhar