ICC-ITA Head Start Speaker Series, June 25th

ICC/ITA Head Start Speaker Series Session V:

The ITA & ICC are co-sponsoring a monthly speaker series for community youth focused on enhancing their professional and academic knowledge. Our goal is to create a forum where the next generation can benefit from the experiences, relationships, and mentorship of successful individuals. Once a month we will have speakers that present on a specific topic or discuss their career path. The speakers will be individuals of diverse backgrounds that are interested in serving as mentors and advisors. We hope that this information transfer and mentor relationships will help them make better career decisions.  

Topic:  Life as President Obama’s Videographer
Speaker: Arun Chaudhary

Topic Details: Arun Chaudhary will discuss his career as a filmmaker working in politics. He was the first Official White House Videographer. Mr. Chaudhary traveled extensively with President Barack Obama, capturing public events and behind-the-scenes moments. He is the creator and architect of "West Wing Week", the first ever online video diary of the White House. During his tenure, he wrote, produced, shot, and edited over 63 episodes of West Wing Week, documenting the President and his rigorous weekly agenda. He also directed many tapings of the Weekly Address. Mr. Chaudhary is currently Creative Director at Revolution Messaging, and was recently Digital Creative Director for Senator Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign. Before joining the Obama team, he worked in film in New York and was part of the NYU Graduate Film Department faculty. He got his MFA in Filmmaking from NYU and his BA in Film Theory from Cornell University. 

Date: Sunday, June 25th at 5pm